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An alphabetical list of issues of the feet and lower limbs, that inform and offer solutions


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Finding a dedicated and talented provider for your health is a big step. Find out why families entrust our providers with their foot and leg health.

Welcome to My Family Podiatrist

We would like to share some things about our work and invite you to put these things to the test. My Family Podiatrist is about “podiatry that adds value to people’s lives.”

Firstly, we genuinely care about the people we serve. We take the time to build relationships with people, listen to their life stories, learn about their aspirations and plans, their families, what life needs their body to do – what life does to their body –  and from this, what they need us to do to help.  Then we design intelligent solutions, tailored to provide the best possible results.

Secondly, we’re not only caring professionals – we’re effective ones. People who get results, engage more in the healing process, value their service providers and tell others. My Family Podiatrist has grown through endless word-of-mouth, because satisfied people spread the word. Clients say we not only help them, but we consistently surprise them with value. We want you to do that too! Why..? We want to be with you for life – just like your feet do.

We love our work. We hope you do too!”

– Jodie and Julie Simon

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